Eispavillon is located in the Swiss Alps above a village named Saas-fee. The curators invited an artist collective named saasfee* to participate in the exhibition and respond to the case of shared identity.The collective consists of designers and artists from Frankfurt, Germany who chose their name without visiting the village. Their past projects include an investigation into travel, Tourist 1.0 and 1.1 travel environments. This exhibition is the first time that saasfee* collective is working in Saas-fee. The artists contribute to the gift shop and to the interior of the ice cave. By using the gift shop as art space, saasfee* provokes a reconsideration of the act of display and the importance of the name of a tourist destination. Within the gift shop, saasfee* postcards, logo t-shirts and sleeping masks take on added significance. They have created an edition of four postcards that represent their imagined impressions before even taking the trip. Their designs for real and imagined products appear alongside the actual gift shop paraphenelia. Their products like sleeping masks compare travelling to dreaming and forgetting the real world, as much as any other gift shop item. The juxtaposition of their contemporary design with Swiss kitsch however, represents the contradictory nature of Swiss ski resorts - systematic places for international travelers located in isolated, traditional villages. Inside the ice cave, saasfee* presents a sculpture with ambient sound. Positioned next to Mosset's work,the object provokes a reconsideration of minimalism and indicates the absence of the white box museum or gallery space in this site specific exhibition.

saasfee* est un collectif d’artistes allemands dont la contribution à Eispavillon se manifesteà la fois dans la grotte en glace, il diffuse par le biais de hauts-parleurs une musique de supermarché (musimax) et présente une installation sonore – et dans la boutique de souvenirs, à l’entrée de la grotte. Les t-shirts et les masques pour dormir à l’enseigne de saasfee* qu’il propose à la vente acquièrent une signification spécifique. En transformant la vitrine d’un commerce en espace d’art, saasfee* mène à une reconsidération de l’exposition en tant que telle. La juxtaposition de leur design contemporain, de leurs produits imaginaires et du kitsch suisse représente la nature contradictoire des stations touristiques de ski en Suisse.

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